The water and wastewater section of Idaho Environmental Services LLC, IES Waterworks, was established to help small communities with the operation and compliance of their water and wastewater utilities. We provide licensed operators, operation and maintenance, guidance, consulting, asset management, user rate-setting guidance, and other services. In many cases, small communities do not have the resources to hire appropriately trained and licensed operators as full-time employees to properly oversee their utilities. IES Waterworks is the cost effective answer to ensure public safety, regulatory compliance, and smooth operation of water and wastewater facilities for small communities.

"If Southwest District Heath has a list of A+ subdivisions, we are on it and it is because of Thomas."

"[IES Waterworks] has a very good understanding of the regulatory framework within which public water systems must operate."

"We have found your services to be above and beyond anything we have contracted for..."

"[IES Waterworks has] shown diligence and dedication to completing all functions of the project to a high degree of proficiency, which greatly benefited communication with the client and the end-users."

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Recommendations for Hiring a Contract Water/Wastewater Operator:

1) Ensure the operator is licensed to operate your system and that his/her license is current.

2) Ensure the operator has experience with systems similar to your system.

3) Ask the operator for references.

4) Ensure the operator can perform system repairs, required operational testing, and basic system troubleshooting.

5) Confirm the operator has adequate liability insurance to protect your system.